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[Actual item] EYESCREAM June 2021 issue (release date May 01, 2021)

[Actual item] EYESCREAM June 2021 issue (release date May 01, 2021)

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As a bag cover, as a singer or as an actor , William Chan 's creative direction, which transcends the scene without genre, is sweeping the Chinese street scene.

The special feature is titled "JPN ANIME 2021 SPRING -Japanese Anime in 2021-" and focuses on new anime that you should watch from this spring to this summer.

The selected works are "Knight of Sidonia Atsumuguhoshi", "Crocodile who lived for 100 days", "Odd Taxi", "Yasuke ─ Yasusuke ─", "JUNK HEAD", and "Dragon and Freckles Princess".
Along with interviews with the director, scriptwriter, and the CVs of the cast, we will introduce what kind of message modern animation works have.

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As a singer or actor, the bag cover is genreless, and William Chan's creative direction, [CANOTWAIT_] from Shanghai, is sweeping the street scene in China.

The special feature is entitled "JPN ANIME 2021 SPRING-2021 Japanese Animation-" and focuses on new animations that should be watched from this spring to this summer.

Six works were picked up: "Knights of Sidonia Atsumu Guhoshi", "100 Days Live Crocodile", "Odd Taxi", "Yasuke ─ Yasuke ─", "JUNK HEAD", and "Princess of Dragon and Belle".
Introducing what kind of message modern anime works have, along with interviews with directors, screenwriters, and CVs, as well as highlight scenes during the production.

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